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How it Works

Step 1

Create an account

You can sign in using your gmail account or create a new account and verify your email address. You can then visit your user dashboard to complete setting up your account.

Step 2

Choose a plan

A subscription plan is required to reserve a vehicle included in that plan. To see the full list of vehicles included in each plan please visit our pricing page. You can change your plan anytime.

Step 3

Select a car

You can book any car included in your plan. Each plan allows you swap your car with another one in your plan a certain number of times each month. If you do not use your swap allowance for a month it will be transferred to your next month.

Final Step

Drive away in style

You can always check online for available cars and swap as you like.


Subscription Plans

Current pricing plans include various promotions such as free trials
and complementary services and options.

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